I have lived and worked in Hong Kong for 30 years. My experience as a coach and my personal insights have been honed through the practice of Yoga meditation over the past 20 years and the leading of workshops on topics such as: Positive Thinking, Stress Management, Personal Foundation.

I am a graduate of the largest and best known schools of coaching (CoachU), a Certified Behavioural Analyst (DiSC), a member of Coachville, and a founding member of the International Association of Coaches (IAC) as well as the HK Coaching Community (HKCC).

I try to live and coach by these two mottos experience has taught me:

A problem cannot be changed with the same mind that created it - therefore, a change of mind / focus is called for. It really is no more complicated than that.

Love is the foundation to long-term happiness - that which I carry in my heart always finds a match outside. A heart full of pain will search for proof of that pain. A heart full of love only sees love.

It is the simplicity of these messages that makes me so excited about being a Coach. YOU TOO CAN HAVE THE LIFE YOU WANT - when you let go of the limitations that stop you.


"Monika is an excellent facilitator as she is gentle, compassionate and perceptive. She guided me in letting go of some emotional blockages which had been building up for years, in just two sessions of deep meditation. Since the sessions, I feel more vibrant, connected and lighter. I would have no hesitation in recommending Monika's processes to anyone facing limitations in their life right now, be it emotional, mental or physical. Thank you Monika!!"- Anita Moorjani, President of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community

"Monika worked from a place of love, professional excellence and highest integrity. Her spirituality becomes a vehicle that guides the coaching process. How easy change can be!" - Barbara

"Thank you for your regular feedback Monika, I really like your method and enjoy working with you. You are a source of guidance, relief and pure empowerment." - CP

"Monika's caring and gentle approach is a great compliment to her skills as an intuitive and experienced coach ... Monika made me aware that I was holding many limiting beliefs about myself and my past. Her methodical approach helped me to understand that this was my past and if I could work through some of the feelings and beliefs I could see myself today for who I really am, not who I think I am, as a result of my past." - Kamilah
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